Bling Bling’s Birthday 1 year old…

Bling Bling is finally old enough to wear a cowgirl hat with Bling Bling Bling walks me 3 miles each day on the beach Early morning before or at sunrise She shares some love to people and other dogsalong the way She loves to chase the seabirdsand her favorite thing to do isfind feathers andContinue reading “Bling Bling’s Birthday 1 year old…”

Walking your own Walk…

Talk the TalkWalk the WalkSharing your experience strength and Hope with others Advice is your experience What you have walkedTalk about your walk… I am being inspired to write this post to share my personal walkexperience, strength and hopeto encourage another to take an adventure of a lifetime My inspiration to write this postwas inspiredContinue reading “Walking your own Walk…”

Is Everything That Happens to Us God’s Will?

Join me on this spiritual journey First Make a decisionTo seek God’s Willand give God a chance to guide you… God’s Words say that God will alsogive us the desires of our heartsMeaning that God cares about each of ourneeds, wants and desires… God’s Divine Plan I don’t believe in this teachingThat God causes everythingContinue reading “Is Everything That Happens to Us God’s Will?”

Forgive Others

In my previous posts I wrote about      Forgiving yourself    Divine Forgiveness Today I will be focusing on Forgiving others This quotes says in order to have peacewe need to forgive others Whether they deserve it or not… Forgiving them does not condone what they said or did Forgiveness prevents their words or behaviorsFrom destroying your heart… Forgive others for “peace”What isContinue reading “Forgive Others”

My Easter Message 2023

God is a God of MiraclesandDivine Forgiveness If you believe, God gives miraclesIf you have faith, God gives courageGod gives hope to those who dreamGod gives love to those who accept HimGod gives forgiveness to those who ask Who wouldn’t want to connectto our creator? If we believe (have faith in God) we have accessContinue reading “My Easter Message 2023”

Develop a Warrior Attitude

Develop a warrior spiritand attitude Being a victim is so popular todayI suggest you tryrising above the victim roleand learn how to becomea warrior Your attitude determines your outcomes in lifeBe in charge of your attitude Stay on your pathFocus on your spiritual lessonsand your spiritual healingWhat others do or thinkis none of your business…Continue reading “Develop a Warrior Attitude”

Stop trying to fix others…

People need to take responsibility for their own actionsAnd suffer the consequencesTo learn their spiritual lessonsKeep the focus on yourself You only have the power to change yourself… Stay in your own lane… Sometimes the spiritual lessonWill keep repeatingUntil you learn the lesson… Revenge keeps you psychically connected toAnother in a negative way Forgive them toContinue reading “Stop trying to fix others…”

Are you a Spiritual Warrior?

Spiritual Self CareWilling to Let God Speak to me today. As you know my process, I start with quotes and keep writing and finding more quotes andLet the Healing Spirit of God Speak to me… I want to heal the darkness?The specific darkness of my soul which I have now been experiencing…This quote says IContinue reading “Are you a Spiritual Warrior?”

Miracle of Recovery

September 9, 1989 33 years of recovery and continual sobriety September 9, 1989  Beginning of my multi-faceted MiracleI took a first step and permanently stopped drinking alcohol…One day at a time…..lasting for 33 years as of  today Today I celebrate 33 continuous years of recovery and sobrietyMy Miracle gave birth whenSomeone prayed for me, asking God to helpContinue reading “Miracle of Recovery”

My Easter message on my personal spiritual life journey about Jesus

I never could understand this picture of Jesus and the concept of the door. Maybe today is the day to gain more understanding and wisdom on this? Those of you that have been following my blog and writings, are familiar with how I write. I start with a picture quote or spiritual concept and thenContinue reading “My Easter message on my personal spiritual life journey about Jesus”

12 Step Group for Inner Child Healing

Is it safe for my inner child “real self” to emerge from my secure bunker? My inner child is the real part of me that is pure, sincere, innocent and Is connected to my spiritual heart. Remember, the Spiritual heart of God also resides in our spiritual heart. What to do to awaken my “innerContinue reading “12 Step Group for Inner Child Healing”