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  1. Walking your own walk
  2. Is Everything That Happens to Us God’s Will?
  3. Forgive Others
  4. My Easter Message 2023
  5. Forgive Yourself
  6. Anger
  7. Develop a Warrior Attitude
  8. Stop Trying to Fix Others
  9. Are You a Spiritual Warrior?
  10. Miracle of Recovery
  11. El Camino de “Angel Puppy”
  12. My Easter Message 2022
  13. 12 Step Group for Inner Child Healing
  14. Travel the Road of Love
  15. You are what you eat
  16. Women taking an historic stand against alcohol
  17. Everyone can benefit from working a 12-step program -Part 3
  18. Everyone can benefit from working a 12-step program – Part 2
  19. Everyone can benefit from working a 12-step program – Part 1
  20. The Camino is calling my name again
  21. Follow Your Dreams
  22. Don’t miss the Healing
  23. Christmas Gift from God 2021
  24. Seeking the Light
  25. Self Pity
  26. God willing, I will continue writing new posts…enjoy…Esther Mae 4-27-2023

Published by Esther Mae

Happy, Joyous and Free. Enjoying life and retirement. Oct 5, 202, I completed the FEl Camino de Santiago de Frances, over 550 miles, beginning August 15, 2021 in St-Jean-Pied-De-Port, France and ending in Santiago and walked through the Holy Door. I am 70 year young. Read about some of my adventures. I have a close relationship with my Higher Power, whom I choose to call God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Spiritual growth and enlightenment are my priorities in life. Please jump on the spiritual soul train with me as I walk and try to practice a spiritual way of life. Esther Mae

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