Walking your own Walk…

Talk the Talk
Walk the Walk
Sharing your experience strength and Hope with others

Advice is your experience
What you have walked
Talk about your walk…

I am being inspired to write this post to share my personal walk
experience, strength and hope
to encourage another to take an adventure of a lifetime

My inspiration to write this post
was inspired by a women
who I met
after a 12 step meeting

She shared with me
that she was told that I had walked the
“El Camino de Santiago de Frances” pilgrimage
and that she was interested
in finding out more about my journey
on the camino
She thinks she may want to
take the same journey in the near future
I will prepare and send her
some information on the camino
and then offer to get together
to share my experience
strength and hope
to fuel her passion to journey to the
el Camino de Francés

I did, in fact, complete this pilgrimage
called the Way of St. James
“El Camino de Santiago de Frances”
August 15 2021-September 21, 2021
Thirty seven days I walked 500 miles
I was 70 years old at the time
If I can do it
anyone can do it
I prepared a powerpoint
on my Camino adventure
which I will share with her
My Camino Powerpoint
PowerPoint Presentation • 406.3 MB


click on this link and download Powerpoint to

Maybe something I share will inspire her to follow
her passion and dream to take
this pilgrimage…
I can only share my experience, strength and hope
if she chooses to go
Her journey will be tailor made to her
spiritual soul journey…

Encourage others to find what is right for them

Journey to find more about who we are…

Socrates tells us that we need
God and our soul
to learn anything…
So, let’s ask God
to walk with us on our adventures
help us learn
our soul lessons

Those of you who are not familiar with
my style of writing, it goes like this.

I start with a theme and
then keep researching and allow the
Spirit of God
to show us the way…
Just like the camino

I believe we all are led by
the Spirit of God, if we open our
minds, body and spirit
to gain some sort
of divine message
that is specifically
tailored to each
one of us individually

God is Willing
Are you willing?

Do not miss the message
the Divine Spirit of God
has for you

here goes
Get onboard the spiritual
soul training…

Let’s see where this spiritual journey leads us..

What adventure is
calling your name?

In 2021, The Way of St James
called my name and
I answered the call
I showed up all alone
and took one step at a time
one mile at a time
trusting God and others
to help me along the way

with only occasional yellow arrows
on concrete, on trees, on roads, on rocks
to guide my way…

Here is the map of the
Way of St. James

Starting in St. Jean Pied de Port, France
Ending in Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Looking back in time
It is hard for me to comprehend
that I actually trekked
This 500 mile journey…
all alone physically
but not alone spiritually

Pilgrimage is defined as a
Journey with the purpose
of finding something
that matters deeply
to the traveler

I wasn’t sure
what my purpose was to walk this journey?

Purpose is the reason we journey
What was my reason?
I was unsure…
Maybe I will get more clarity
if I just make a decision to do it
and then trust the process…
I had the passion to do it…
I decided to let the light of my passion light my way

I did not realize my purpose yet
I made the journey my purpose
Then I started sharing my dream with others

Helping someone else
reveals your purpose
for that day…
I like this quote
Let life happen and your purpose will be revealed
Help others and your purpose will be revealed
Share with others and you will get clarity

This quote really helps me define
Purpose in Life
To use my gifts and talents
to help other people
As I am helping others,
I learn how to help myself
My own issues get triggered when I help others
Then I have a choice to heal and learn or not

My Journey in life
teaches me how to use my gifts
and talents to help other people
which Never stops giving
by teaching us
lessons so we can grow and learn and to
share our experience, strength and hope
with others

Pass on what you learned…

Pass it on to others


Hope and Encouragement
Pass it on….

I label these type of people
“Dream squashers”
Many times when I shared about going on
an adventure
select people would say
“That is crazy”
I have learned to be very selective
to whom I shared my dreams…
We all need encouragement, not discouragement…
Don’t let anyone alter or control your adventures

If you get — give…
If you Learn–teach
Pass it on…

Remember all of those who accepted and loved you…
when you needed it the most
Pass it on to others…

Accepting myself
Just as I am
Me to be available
to change…

Oh My God
I just got a spiritual awakening
in regards to why I have had a depressing
case of “the lonely”
which is
“absence of purpose”

It is not the absence of people
It is the absence of purpose…
I had lost my purpose
Withdrawn from my purpose
I had stopped using
my experience, strength and hope
to help others
I will seek more divine inspiration
later on this spiritual awakening..

I walked the camino for myself, friends, family and
spiritually for others in the
12 step groups in Lancaster

I had a purpose for my pilgrimage
which gave me the fuel to complete it…
I not only did that for myself but also for
all the others that spiritually walked with me
The spirit of the Camino
is to always be there
to help each other…
along the way

Read and re-read this Pilgrim prayer
“Walk what you talk”

My spiritual journey molded me and
I was carrying out
my purpose in life
Helping and supporting others
with what I learned on my spiritual journey

Seeking purpose leads to
Head in the direction
and purpose
will reveal itself
day by day

Just remember
Your journey is uniquely
your own journey
Never compare your
journey against anyone else’s journey

How ironic that I live in St Augustine, FL
and St Augustine writes about pilgrimages

The Spanish left for new worlds
from Finisterre Spain
known as
“The end of the earth”
and ended their journey at
St Augustine, FL
known to them as
the “new world”
I finished my camino by reaching Finisterre Spain
“The End of the Earth”
Flew back to St. Augustine
“The New World”
to the Spanish explorers

Life Pilgrimages on earth
are always with trials and lessons
Victory is obtained
through the presence of
enemies and/or temptations…

When there is no enemy within
The enemies outside
cannot hurt you…
Become aware
of the enemies lurking within and conquer them
by bringing them into the divine light of healing

If we practice love
we will embrace our trials
with love and acceptance…

Pure love
is giving
without strings

By finding peace within ourselves
We can become the kind of person
who can live at
peace with others…

Peace Pilgrim

Ask God to become our
traveling companion
on our pilgrimage

“Art of Pilgrimage”
Journey of our Soul’s Deep Desire


How we


Enjoy the journey
Be present and in the moment
Take time to see the beauty of nature
Take time to smell the fragrances
Tune into the sounds of nature
Enjoy the energy of the colors and
take in the beauty of sunrise
or sunset
or white clouds on a clear day
or walking in the rain
Walk with a rhythm and
pace that is your own

What is this pilgrimage of the Heart?

Pilgrims will be blessed
if they journey with an open heart

Endless pilgrimage of the heart
to keep learning your spiritual lessons

Life is a long pilgrimage
From Fear to Love
Be willing to walk from fear to love
realize it is a continual journey

Let go of rigid expectations
Open your spiritual heart
Learn more about who you are
and connect your “authentic self”
to God
on the Camino…

Camino “The Way”
On our journey we learn
to Lighten our load…
Letting Go…
Of material things
that are weighting us down
Letting Go
of burdens, fears, wounds
that are weighting us down…
Lightening our load….

Expose the darkness in my heart
that slows me down
Let your divine light
push back and dispel the darkness
Fill my heart with light…
Help me with
Action (I need to take to receive the divine healing)

God walks with the pilgrims

God also sends helpers
who I call
“human angels” to help us
along our journey…
some are happy angels
and some are mean angels
We learn to receive the spiritual messages
from each one of them…

The Way (Camino)
changes everyone if they seek divine help
Stay open to allow the
transition to happen
within your soul and spirit

God speaks to your heart
about the direction
and priorities of
your life…
I met a pilgrim along the way
and she was trying to decide
which job offer to take
when she returned to her daily life.
I prayed that she would get her answer
along the way

If you get the call
Do your due diligence
and prepare for your journey
Then follow through..

Links to click to learn more about Camino de Santiago

https://oficinadelperegrino.com excellent site for information
https://camino.ninja/- app I used along the way – GPS of where you are
https://www.pilgrim.es/en/french-way  stages of Camino de Frances
https://www.pilgrim.es/en/routes  different routes to Santiago
https://www.pilgrim.es/en/services Services to transport bags/backpack
•Lodging on camino ninja app shows albergues and hotels phone number to reserve, amount, address

If you are interested in maybe
experiencing a pilgrimage
or more factual information
check out this link


That’s all for today
Love you all
Esther Mae

Published by Esther Mae

Happy, Joyous and Free. Enjoying life and retirement. Oct 5, 202, I completed the FEl Camino de Santiago de Frances, over 550 miles, beginning August 15, 2021 in St-Jean-Pied-De-Port, France and ending in Santiago and walked through the Holy Door. I am 70 year young. Read about some of my adventures. I have a close relationship with my Higher Power, whom I choose to call God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Spiritual growth and enlightenment are my priorities in life. Please jump on the spiritual soul train with me as I walk and try to practice a spiritual way of life. Esther Mae

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