Today I am going down the spiritual path of anger 
Who knows if we will stay on this path
Or veer off on another path…
Let us see where the Spirit takes us…
We are on another adventure…

Do we really want to allow others to control us with their anger?
Their anger then becomes our anger…
Let’s learn how to stop this insanity…

Anger is a choice
Our negative response to anger become a habitual response
If we work on this response
We can change this reaction
Just keep in mind

Changing a negative and especially
An internalized habitual
self-destructive behavior
Isn’t easy

It takes self-discipline and
constant repetition

Keep practicing the new behavior
For at least 6 months
that is how long it takes
to change an old behavior
into a new behavior

Act your way into new thinking
Which then then becomes a new habit which
Turns into a new behavior

New behaviors
get rid of the insanity game
of doing the same
thing over and over again
and expecting different

Who knew that Albert Einstein was a scholar
on insanity…
Maybe that is why we see a picture of him
with the crazy hair
Ha Ha…
This quote tells us we need to use our
brains to solve our behavioral
emotional problems…

Train my mind to be stronger than my emotions…
or I will lose myself every time…
Oh my God…
That is why I lost myself so many times
I was led by
out of control and intense emotions
I learned that spiritual lesson
however, I never understood this truth…
knowledge is power…

I always felt like their was a battle between
my emotions and my logic…
My heart and my brain…
This quote says it is a balance
of the emotions and the logical
balance of the head and the heart…

I saw this quote and had to add a little humor.
I hope it put a smile on your face…

I love this quote…
It is ok to laugh about it…
So true…

Your heart can be wrong…
some of the time
Your heart can keep you
in abusive situations
Please do not ignore
the brain’s input…

It is not a battle between
the brain and the emotions
It is not a battle between
the heart and the head
It is them all working together…

Thank God I learned this lesson
Allowing your heart and emotions to take control
Leads to a lot of heart breaks
Forgive me brain 
For my stubbornness
God help me to not
Regress back into that
old harmful behavior
Back to Anger, resentment and jealousy…
and abuse…

Resides in the heart
Until we choose 
To get rid of it…
and replace it
with divine love
and divine forgiveness…

Find your own answers…
Seek divine wisdom to help you…

We are to keep the focus on our own healing 
Stay on our own path

If we internalize anger
It is not about what was said or not said
Done or not done by others
It is about what we do with that anger
It is about our response to anger

Wow, No one else can make us angry…

I will make a “post a note” with this saying on it 
And look at it each day…

I am the one who chooses to be angry….

When we take a hold of anger
We can punish ourselves
For someone else’s
mistakes, words or actions
Do we really want to do that?

Once we are aware of it
we can accept it
and then choose
to take the action necessary
to stop
“punishing ourselves
with someone
else’s anger

When I became aware of how anger was hurting my 
Body and my Blood pressure
I labeled it “Self Abuse”
It took a lot of practice
To change this negative behavior

While in the emotion of anger
Our self-control is out of control

Not a good time to respond…
Process your anger first
“I will think about what you said and get back to you”

Then respond…later

I had to put this quote here…
How true…

Being aware of this
You will notice
the bird shit on the tongue
You get it…

Process what is behind the anger…
You are given an opportunity to learn
a spiritual lesson…
Don’t miss this opportunity…

Master your emotions
Feel them
Before you express them
Process them
with intelligence…
then respond

Engage the brain logic

No wonder I lost myself in relationships
My emotions were in control
I lost myself 
My emotions were so strong that
I thought
I was going to die
because of their intensity…

Who knew I needed a stronger mind
Mind over emotions

Holding a grudge
Makes you bitter
Forgiving sets you free…

Since words have power
I need to take time before I speak or write responses

Definitely don’t hit send or post my feelings
If I am still angry…

The negative words spoken to us
Have no power unless we swallow them…
We then internalize
(take inside our mind, body and spirit)

Toxic negative words 
now reside inside us…
And we hold a grudge
And become bitter….
Which now has evolved into a

You cannot control what other say or do
You can only control how you deal with your anger by
learning to allow others to
make their own choices and
allow them to
get angry without you
taking on their anger…
It is not your anger

Let go of it…

Many times we perceive anger as a negative emotion
Which it can be
It can also be a trigger for change…

It is hard to thank a messenger who triggers a 
Spiritual part in us that needs healed

From past experience
I know if I choose healing
There will be pain involved

However, we all know that it is worth it
Because love and peace are the rewards

However, this quote tells me that feelings of anger
Can be a catalyst to bring  awareness
To the changes I need to make
For future peace and serenity

Many times we get angry 
Because we cannot control others 
and God is too slow with
want we think should happen

Expecting others to be perfect
and not make mistakes
and expecting ourselves
to be perfect and not
make mistakes
sets us up to get angry
at others and
at ourselves…

For example:
We ask God to help our loved ones
We can get angry because 
God did not answer our prayers
To help or change our loved ones
within our time frame…

Let Go and Let God
I try to help God with suggestions and demands
I cried out to God
Why are you not helping me?
Why are you not changing and helping
and rescuing my loved ones?
I am loosing patience…
Are you not hearing me…
They need help…
God’s Message back is
Let Go…Trust me..

We start to get a negative attitude towards God
You could say it is turning into a resentment..
For not answering our prayers in our time frame…

Harboring Resentments make me more
vulnerable to being manipulated…
I don’t want that…

Oh my God
Here is Albert Einstein again…
I thought he was just a scientist…

Summation:  People can manipulate and control us
Through our emotions
that trigger our wounds

Resentments creates emotional bondages
To that person
And every time we think about it
We suffer and feel pain…
Over and over again…

The bitterness and resentments that you carry
For others
Makes you crazy
Makes you angry at your life situation
Thus making it hard for the people around you to love you
And accept you…
You now not only have resentments
You become resentful 
And bitter towards life and towards others you love…
And bitter towards God for not fixing the situation…
Who is this person
you have become?
How much more pain do you need to suffer
before you decide to face these resentments
head on and Allow God to heal you…

In the 12 step programs, we are taught to follow
these instructions to get rid of resentments…



Awareness that we are in fact resentful
Action: Make a list of our resentments…
Accept them all…
and then choose ways to take action to heal from them…
The AAA prayer for healing resentments

Listing, understanding and Accepting
each and every one of our

We can change and heal resentments
as soon as we accept and own them…
Then change is possible…
When we only condemn them
we cause oppression…not healing…

Take Action:
Connect to God…
Of course, we know from past experiences
that Divine Help is necessary for Divine Healing…
So we pray…And ask for help…
To let go of resentment, bitterness, depression,
rejection, unforgiveness and anger…

Pray as the Resentment AA Prayer instructs us to do:
Ask God for everything you would like God
to do for you and your family
Good Health
Pray everyday for two weeks for that person or resentment.
I know it works…
I did it even though I did not mean it.
I kept saying the words
and I kept saying
God give them what they deserve.
Not real compassionate
but it helped me to turn that person over to God…

Do this even though you do not mean it…
Do it anyway…
Do it every day for 2 weeks
And you will find that you come to mean it…

You will find that what you used to feel 
Bitterness and resentment and hatred
Is replaced by…acceptance
You realize that God did for you
What you could not do for yourself…
You also realize that you have
turned justice and revenge
over to God to take care of.
You have learned the principle of
Let Go and Let God

You start to realize
that this anger, bitterness and resentments
were blocking your ability to love fully and
blocking the love from others and from God…

Since the bitterness and resentments are gone,
you start to fill it up with divine healing love
which splashes all over you and your loved ones…

Now you can understand and are able to
extend compassion rather than hate and anger
towards he or she…
He or She is no longer your enemy.
They are a fallible human being…
Just like you are…

Understanding and compassion
are the gateways
to loving and accepting
yourself and others…

Acceptance of who they are
Knowing that it is not your job 
To fix them…
0r reprimand them…
Or punish them…

Turn them over to God
God is a lot better at that…

More on these in a later writing, I hope…

is another step to take…
More about forgiveness in another writing, I hope…

Understanding and Acceptance and Action
to remove blockages to divine healing and love
is very important in our healing process.
Keep showing up for life
and follow through
on the healing God has available
for you.

Love you all,
Esther Mae

Published by Esther Mae

Happy, Joyous and Free. Enjoying life and retirement. Oct 5, 202, I completed the FEl Camino de Santiago de Frances, over 550 miles, beginning August 15, 2021 in St-Jean-Pied-De-Port, France and ending in Santiago and walked through the Holy Door. I am 70 year young. Read about some of my adventures. I have a close relationship with my Higher Power, whom I choose to call God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Spiritual growth and enlightenment are my priorities in life. Please jump on the spiritual soul train with me as I walk and try to practice a spiritual way of life. Esther Mae

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