My Easter message on my personal spiritual life journey about Jesus

I never could understand this picture of Jesus and

the concept of the door.

Maybe today is the day to gain more understanding and

wisdom on this?

Those of you that have been following my blog and writings,

are familiar with how I write.

I start with a picture quote or spiritual concept and

then keep adding other pictural quotes and

see where the Spirit takes us…

Be prepared for your tailor-made message from God

I do a lot of research and

pray and walk and

pray and walk and

keep surrendering to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit

to help me write words that will touch

each and every one of you

in a very special way.

The miracle that happens

if you are open and willing to

receive it…

I am realizing,

God is touching

and healing

my heart

along the way…

When heavens doors are open,

I believe we can all tap

into divine wisdom,

divine knowledge,

divine love,

divine understanding

and divine power.

Get ready to be changed…

HOW do we begin?

How do we go down this spiritual path and learn?


H – Honesty – approach each encounter with sincerity and honesty

O- Open our hearts,


minds and


W- Willing to hear,

see and

learn from the

Spirit of God

Jesus must be important

because even our calendar

started with the

Birth of Jesus

Today, April 15, 2022 A.D.

stands for the year of the Lord,

specifically relating to the birth of Jesus Christ.

Jesus was and is still important

Good Friday is today

Maybe we will

develop a deeper

meaning for what

happened on this day.

What was God thinking

when He asked Jesus

to Suffer and

die on the cross

For our sins?

I remember as a child

I was taught that Jesus was

the Lamb of God

Who took away the sins

of the world

This spiritual concept

was way too difficult

for me to understand

I grew up in the Church of the Brethren,

a protestant church

I loved to sing hymns

One such hymn addressed this issue:

“The Power of the Blood”

Please click on this link and listen to the words…

I sang the song and the words

were instilled in my soul


I could not comprehend why such brutality and

The shedding of Blood and the Death of Jesus

Was necessary to forgive my sins…

Couldn’t there have been

A softer, less brutal way of forgiving my sins?

I grew up attending a protestant church,

so of course,

we had a bare cross,

focusing more on the resurrection

rather than the death of Jesus

Last year, on my spiritual pilgrimage

“El Camino de Santiago de Frances”

“I was retracing a 500 mile walk done by Saint James,

the patron saint

of Spain

Also most importantly,

one of Jesus’s apostles,

St James also was also tortured and beheaded

Simply because he preached about Jesus

Almost every town I walked through

Had a church with a bleeding

statue of Jesus on the cross

I was drawn to my knees

in tears

I no longer viewed the

blood and torture

as grotesque,

I understood

what had happened on the cross…

Having had a spiritual awakening

I realized that

That some of that pain and suffering Jesus felt

Was a direct result of my sins and mistakes

Jesus suffered because of my mistakes

so I could be forgiven

What an awareness.

I spoke to Jesus and told Him

I was so sorry that I had caused Him so much pain.

I understood at that moment in time

That on that cross he humanly suffered

The pain of All of our sins

So we could be washed clean and forgiven

God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit

Really do understand and feel

our emotions,

pain and happiness…

Now I understand why the catholic churches

Still have Jesus on the cross.

Many of the churches now do not even

Have a cross in their churches

What has happened?

When I attended a 2 year Worship Center Bible School,

I learned that in the Old Testament

God provided a way for the

Forgiveness of sins

Special services were performed

And the blood of specific lambs

Were used to forgive sins

This was the precursor to Jesus

Jesus became that divine

Sacrificial lamb for the forgiveness of sins

The only requirement is that we believe

Thus the New Testament in the Bible,

The New Covenant


Look and take in this picture quote

Christ’s Blood made

Forgiveness possible

without this


No forgiveness of sin


Now this statement goes a little deeper

about praying the

Power of the Blood

for protection…

I have been starting to Plead

the Power of the blood

As protection over myself

and others

Where does this practice

come from?

What example did

God give us?

This story of the Passover, in the Old Testament in the Bible

Shows the power of the blood for protection

How much more protection we could have using

The Power of the

Blood of Jesus



Against Evil

Those of you that have been reading my writings,

Know that I stress these 3 A’s

AAA (Awareness, Acceptance and Action)

Jesus followed these principles also

A – Awareness – Jesus was aware of God’s Will for his life

A- Acceptance – Jesus prayed and accepted his fate and purpose

A- Action – Jesus showed up for a human life

(fully human and fully divine)and

let God’s plan unfold

and continued to pray for courage and strength

to endure the physical pain and mental

rejection and abandonment and

physical and mental abuse

and suffered and died and rise again

so we could be forgiven

and have eternal life

It is important we do these 3 A’s

AAA (Aware, Accept and Take Action)

A – Aware of what Christ did for you

A- Accept that Christ died for your sins

A – Action – verbally declare that Jesus is the way

to be forgiven and way to eternal life

Repeat this Prayer to verbally declare

Jesus into your heart

Jesus has already forgiven you

for your sins

You just need to

accept his



accept His


Jesus already forgave your

sins on the cross.

You can then enter

into the presence of God

and into




God’s Spirit enters our heart to help us

learn spiritual things and

to do the next

right things.

Since Jesus has forgiven you

Now we need to learn

how to forgive others and self

We are to forgive our enemies

Also, Even though it is harder to forgive friends and family,

Jesus interceded on our behalf to God

To Forgive us

On the Cross, Jesus said

“Forgive them for they know not what they do”

Because Jesus forgave us

We are instructed to

forgive others

Practice forgiveness

Some good in the worst of us


some evil in the best of us


we also need to forgive those who were silent and

did not care…

or pulled away from us

when we needed them the most…

this is really hard…

to do

Forgiving them does not condone

what they did was right,

it releases the negative hold

their words or actions

have on our minds and spirits.

Release the power of others mistakes

over you

by forgiving them.

They no longer can rent space in your mind and heart and

they can no longer

have the power

to keep



Many times divine help

is needed in order to forgive when

their actions have caused

a deep routed resentment

in your spirit


I was told to follow these instructions

for resentments…

to pray for everything

I wanted for myself,

to be given to them.

I was told that it would free me

of the resentment.

Pray for their Health

happiness and prosperity

Even though I did not mean it

Pray it anyway…

Pray every day for 2 weeks

I did it and it works!!!!

The next thing I needed to do

was to accept

the person, place, thing

that was unacceptable to me

at the moment.

Accept that not everything that happens

is God’s Will

People make mistakes

Innocent people get hurt

By accepting this mindset,

I could detach enough

from my emotions

to figure out

what actions to

take next

If Jesus could forgive all those

who tortured Him and

were not sorry…

And Jesus did nothing wrong..

Then who are we to not forgive others

The reward of forgiveness

is peace of mind and spirit…

and happiness…

Forgive those who are not capable of loving you…

Do you really want to be around

someone who does not

want to be around you?

Release them

When we know better, we can do better…

Keep learning and growing…

Look at Life as

learning lessons

instead of success or failure

Forgiving ourselves keeps us from getting stuck…

in shame, guilt and self-pity

the victim role…

Forgive and set your spirit free..

We are free to love again and grow spiritually

So once again, let us get some clarity on

Why Jesus is the only way

To Heaven “Eternal Life”

From everything I have learned

I look at it this way…

What have you got to lose if you do not accept Jesus?

According to the Bible,

you will lose an eternal relationship with God

Your divine creator.

Do I want to risk that?

Apparently, We need to be cleaned up

in order to enter into God’s Divine Presence

The way we do that is to

Accept that Christ became that doorway we need to go through

To be forgiven of our sins

And cleaned us up with his sacrificial blood, death and resurrection…

He already did that on the cross

You just have to accept it…

To reap the rewards…


If you cannot walk through the door yet

Just open the door a crack

and allow God’s light

of Love and Forgiveness

to creep though the door

and into your heart

and spirit

to help you

walk through the door

God wants a personal relationship with me

Forgiveness is the key

that opens the door to my

wounded spiritual heart

Thank God in the United States of America

we still have the freedom to believe

in Christ Jesus

without fear of death…

Special remembrance to my Aunt Mary who recently went to be with Jesus. This will be her first Easter with God and Jesus and all her loved ones. I will miss her hugs and the light of God’s love that radiated from her heart…

Remember all of your loved ones

who were forgiven and

saved by the Cross of Jesus

and now

in heaven waiting

for us…

Happy Easter


Lots of Love

to all of you…

Esther Mae

Published by Esther Mae

Happy, Joyous and Free. Enjoying life and retirement. Oct 5, 202, I completed the FEl Camino de Santiago de Frances, over 550 miles, beginning August 15, 2021 in St-Jean-Pied-De-Port, France and ending in Santiago and walked through the Holy Door. I am 70 year young. Read about some of my adventures. I have a close relationship with my Higher Power, whom I choose to call God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Spiritual growth and enlightenment are my priorities in life. Please jump on the spiritual soul train with me as I walk and try to practice a spiritual way of life. Esther Mae

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