You are what you eat!!!

Someone named Barb entered my life years ago

as an intimate friend and

a macrobiotic food expert

who so generously taught me that

“You are what you eat”.

She believed that every food has a different type of energy.

I could not strictly follow the macrobiotic rigid health diet;

however, I learned about food and

their energies and to

balance the food energy

of my daily diet and

to carefully research

what I am eating.

Eating Organic without pesticides was stressed.

If you want to really understand the difference,

I encourage you to go get regular carrot juice

and organic carrot juice (side by side)

look at the color

taste them

You will be swayed

It costs a little more for organic however,

the taste is much better

and your digestive system

will thank you.

Why do you think there is an increase

in digestive disorders

and immune disorders?

Talk to Naturopathic doctors

and they will tell you that

your body is rejecting the food because

it has been GMO’s

Genetically Modified



Fake Food!

Cheap (not organic)

Easy (fast food with preservatives)

Fake (GMO) Genetically modified, preservatives, hormones added, artificial colors, artificial flavors, pesticides used on food

Wake up Americans!!!

It is not only the viruses that the scientists

are genetically mutating the DNA

They have been doing that to our seeds and food

Take a GMO food product and

put it down for the ants to eat.

They know it is fake

They will not eat it

and neither should we

Aspartame sweetener, look at this…

look at the side effects

Oh my God…

Yes but the FDA and CDC

said it was ok

Can we trust the CDC and FDA?

Check out the facts.

Cut a tomato and sit it out on the counter and

see if it starts to rot and get moldy within a few days. I grew up on a farm and I know they are supposed to rot.

It not,

it has been genetically modified

Aren’t you curious why

strawberries and tomatoes

no longer smell like what

they are supposed to smell like?

Who knew that Thomas Edison, the inventor of

the light bulb

would comment that

“Food would be our medicine of the future”

How could this happen?

Hormones – estrogen

As children,

Males and females drank milk

Does this ring any bells, folks

Why did they give cows hormones

through their food and injections

To produce more milk

Greed? or ignorance?

neither is excusable.

To Make more money

Here is a comparison

between cow’s milk and other milks

Other milks need to be organic

because they could be GMO’d also

Keep in mind

If you eat organic milk

You do not need to worry

My favorite is Coconut milk

and coconut water for hydration

The others can be GMO’d

So important to be organic

Pesticides, hormones and preservatives and food colorings and preservatives, to increase shelf life,

can be added in the seeds of plants and or injected into animals

So they only way to be sure,

Is to eat organic.

They added growth hormones to salmon

to make them grow faster

to make more money

The only way to be sure they are not GMO’s

is the label



Wild Alaskan Sockeye usually is ok

on The label

Wild caught can be misleading

Read about Monsanto and

how much lobbying power

Monsanto has in our Federal Government

All of these were added to our plants and animals

No wonder we have so much cancer

No wonder we have an over abundance

of estrogen

in women and men

Click to access 325.full.pdf

details the environmental and health effects associated with the agricultural use of growth hormones. The findings link the use of growth hormones in beef cattle production facilities with the occurrence of these potential endocrine-disruptors in surface and groundwater. Water contamination with these synthetic steroids has led to an increased concern about the agricultural use of growth hormones. Unfortunately, growth hormone presence in waterways has been linked to adverse endocrine-disrupting effects on aquatic and terrestrial life, including abnormal blood hormone levels, masculinization of females, feminization of males, altered sex ratios, intersexuality, and reduced fertility in fish. Additionally, continuous exposure to low hormone concentrations has been linked to adverse health effects in humans, such as increased incidence of cancers, sexual disorders

In my opinion

A lot of people are going vegan

not realizing that if they are not eating organic

there could still be a problem with added hormones, pesticide, additives or artificial flavors, preservatives and colors.

Meat is ok if organic and not GMO or hormones or pesticides or antibiotics or artificial colors or additives

Vegetables are ok if organic and not GMO or hormones or pesticides or antibiotics, artificial colors or additives

Fruits are ok if organic and not GMO or hormones or pesticides antibiotics, artificial colors or additives








Great in chicken broth and soups

Great in chicken gravy

Use instead of cream in coffee

Lots of uses

Organic Newman’s Own k-cups coffee


Try these beans, Adzuki beans,

they are very digestible

Inflammation causes diseases, so this turmeric liquid tastes ok

and will help with inflammation

I took this everyday when I walked the

500 miles

El Camino de Santiago de Frances 2021

It works for pain and inflammation

Amino are great for your health

Soy is starting to be GMO

So an alternative is

Coconut Aminos

These two are my favorites

I use on eggs, meats, vegetables

it aids in digestion

love it…

Briggs is best for taste

I found it at Weiss and at Whole Foods

This is my favorite for breakfast

I cook like oatmeal

and add organic cranberries or figs or dates

and sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds and

cook it all and then add Almond or Coconut milk

Look at the powerhouse grains in it






Read up on these grains

much better than wheat

I came to find out that I have a sensitivity to gluten

These seem to work ok with my diet

Can get a Costco

I always have hit or miss with fresh avocados

so I get these small containers of guacamole and also

small single size hommus



Try this ancient grain

You can toast it very slightly before cooking

It brings out the flavor

Don’t toast too long or it will pop like popcorn

You can use it like grits with breakfast

or use it as side with meal like rice


add spices to flavor it up if you like

Couscous is also a great grain to use as side dish

Organic nuts are getting more expensive in the stores

However, you can still afford them

at Costco

Get Organic Almonds, Walnuts, Pecans, Cashews

Always toast nuts to bring out their flavors. Careful not to burn them.

Nuts are excellent

Be careful

If not organic

they could be GMO


I try to take one of these packets a day

Trace Minerals

It helps to keep me hydrated

I can drink water, but it seems to go through me

I guess my age is a factor

Try these

Many flavors, love this one the best

the orange get caked together,

so do not recommend that flavor

There are a lot of people who

say at my age,

I should avoid salt

I do not go along with that belief

I use this pink salt because it has a lot of minerals

I do not use white salt

Try this spice


It has cumin, coriander, black pepper,

cinnamon, cardamon, clove, allspice,

ross petals, ginger and nutmeg

Be adventurous how you use this spice

Spice up your life and your food.

These are not organic

They are the Indian spice blends

If you can find them organic, then even better

I love experimenting with them in difference dishes

Republic of Teas

Have a great selection of

Organic individual straws for hiking

They also have wonderful teas

Check out their website

Love the Oolong tea and green tea and these above

I hope you have enjoyed this post on a

little different type of message

My favorite health foods and

How to choose food wisely

And stay healthy

Do you own research

I find the older I get

the more sensitive my digestive system has become!!!

I am not rigid

However, I find that

if I eat organic,

I feel better

If I avoid dairy,

I feel better

If I avoid gluten,

I feel better

I guess the bottom line is

I want to feel better

So, I will try to

eat better.

I also avoid the white foods,

White sugar, white flour, white salt

I am not racist

I just have done my due diligence

and realize they took out all the nutriment and made it white

Happy Eating

Love you all, Esther Mae


Published by Esther Mae

Happy, Joyous and Free. Enjoying life and retirement. Oct 5, 202, I completed the FEl Camino de Santiago de Frances, over 550 miles, beginning August 15, 2021 in St-Jean-Pied-De-Port, France and ending in Santiago and walked through the Holy Door. I am 70 year young. Read about some of my adventures. I have a close relationship with my Higher Power, whom I choose to call God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Spiritual growth and enlightenment are my priorities in life. Please jump on the spiritual soul train with me as I walk and try to practice a spiritual way of life. Esther Mae

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