Everyone can benefit from working a 12-step Program – Part 2

The AA 12 steps was birthed on this earth

through the suffering of an Alcoholic named Bill W.

He could not get sober by himself

No will of his own could help him

In desperation, he cried out to God

Little did he know that was all God needed

to “put into motion” a 12 step program

that has spread throughout the world

helping not only the alcoholics and the addicts

but many other support groups which adapted these 12 steps

One of the greatest Act of Love from our creator, God.

Gods loves us even when we have turned our backs on him

God loves us even when we are walking down a path of destruction.

God will provide a way to get back on track.

Our choice to stay lost or get back on the right path.

Some of us are called to shine a light in the darkness.

Bill W. was not given a detailed outline on how to fulfil this vision.

Bill W. started each day with an open mind, heart and spirit to

become aware of others who entered his path to shed their divine light

and wisdom and contribute their piece to the puzzle of the vision.

Each of them were given the divine call and followed through to do their part to bring this spiritual program of AA into existence in 1935.

Many millions of hopeless alcoholics have worked and practiced these 12 steps to stay sober and start living and

walking a spiritual and sober path.

Bill W. just showed up day by day and

asked God what to do and he was shown what to do,

One day at a time

In the process of doing this,

He remained sober

One day at a time

Bill W. followed the call, the vision, and the divine plan of God

for the birth of the 12 steps and 12 traditions and

AA, Alcoholics Anonymous was born.

There was a lot of work to be done and a lot of people

needed to step up to the plate and contribute their part to fulfill

God’s Vision

Many times we are not sure how

to begin the process or what we are to do next.

Just show up for life and keep seeking and

asking God’s Spirit what to do next.

How many people have turned down God’s calling?

I think most of us can admit that we are one of those people.

I have the belief that if one person ignores the calling,

God will find another person

To fulfill his vision and plan on this earth

Pay attention!!!

God may ask you to help Him again soon…

What would have happened if Bill W. if he had decided to ignore the vision

that the Spirit of God gave him?

I guess God would have chosen another person.

Thank you Bill W for hearing the call and for following through.

We are all blessed in one way or another because of your obedience.

Suffering due to Alcoholism was the catalyst to seek help

and receive God’s grace and healing

(undeserved favor or help)

God wants to help us and heal us, and

God wants a personal relationship with us.

We did nothing to deserve it.

God wants to help us anyway.

Are you ready for the Spirit of God to take us further down this path?

If God is the creator of pain as part of our human experience,

then I would deduct that God would be the best entity to go to

-to ask for wisdom and help on how to deal

with pain and suffering.

Pay attention, there is always a message specifically tailored for you.

Open up your spiritual heart, emotions, mind and spirit and

be ready to receive

Pain is necessary for growth.

Pain is necessary to learn from our mistakes.

Pain is a catalyst for growth.

Wow, look where the Spirit is leading us now,

without suffering we would not have humility or compassion.

So I guess it is important that we have humility and compassion

to develop our character

True humility is

strength restrained

Humility is self awareness

Knowing who your are

Definition of humility

• Absence of feeling better than someone else

• freedom from pride or arrogance

• act of submission

Compassion – nurturing yourself

with kindness and love

Compassion looking beyond our pain to see the pain of others

Definition of Compassion

• wanting to help someone else – compassion for others

• wanting to help yourself grow spiritually – compassion for self

• Becoming Aware of Ego (self) driven Pride in ourselves and

• Working on our “stinkin thinking” beliefs and behaviors that are causing pain in ourselves and our relationships

• We can cultivate and develop new behaviors that relieve some of the pains of pride,

thus less suffering.

I am getting the message that if we decrease self-centered pride and increase more humility, there will be less suffering.

So taking action to become aware of and thus changing mindsets

can relieve the suffering and

make life more peaceful.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Here it is again – AAA (Awareness, Acceptance, Action)

Awareness of the pain (aware that the pain is there for a reason)

Accept the pain (honor its presence)

(fighting or rebelling or stuffing the pain – makes it worse)

Action to alleviate the pain


is the beginning of suffering,

we become aware of the pain and

start to feel the pain and

refuse to accept the pain as real (delusional) and

we ignore it and stuff it and take no action.

The volume on the pain will increase to get our attention

to do something about it

All suffering originates

from craving

from attachment


from desire


an intense, urgent or

abnormal desire or longing

People crave attention and


Suffering happens when others do not

meet all of our expectations


a persistent disturbing preoccupation with an

unreasonable idea or feeling

We can loose ourselves with

a romantic love obsession

We feel like the other person has a hold on us.

That other person does not have that much power

to have the hold on us.

We are giving up our power and ourselves

When we look at our obsession and ask God to Help us

with the obsession, we will get to the root of it (power behind)

the obsession that is holding us captive to the other person.

It is not them who is holding us captive

It is our needy and obsessive need for love.

As long as we keep saying it is them,

we are in denial

No one has that much power over us.

We need to look within…

Wow, I just got one of my answers from the Holy Spirit…

Now I am aware that it is not them, it is me and I will accept it and

I will turn it over to God to help me heal from

this romantic love hook which I thought

was the other person’s doing

The first thing that comes to mind

Is what happens when somebody says something that is mean

If I did not respond right away

I leave and I keep thinking about what they said

over and over again

and keep getting more angry

I am angry at them, however,

most of the time

I am angrier at myself for not taking a stand

As I am writing down this scenario

I became aware that this falls into the suffering category.

If I stop doing this

I will avoid suffering

In early recovery, we get a lot of obsessive thoughts,

and obsessive emotions because we have learned how to drink

them away with alcohol or some other drug.

A lot of suffering with these out of control thoughts and feelings until we learn and keep practicing how to handle these out of control emotions and thoughts.

Guaranteed there is an underlying issue screaming to be healed

Not being able to stop is not due to fear or doubt

It is because the obsession is so powerful

Only God can help us stop it

Wow, to obsess over something prevents one from getting what they

want so desperately

Well look at this, jealousy has entered our path

I grew up in a family of 11 and jealousy was running at full throttle.

To be jealousy is not being grateful for what I have

Wanting what others have

Not being able to be happy for them

even though I did not have it myself

I was so focused on what I did not have

instead of being grateful for what I did have

Is something coming up for you in reference to jealousy?

Is God speaking to you?

How hard it is to be happy for someone else

when they have what you want?

For instance, someone special in their lives to travel with

and share and enjoy retirement with

The message I received earlier in this post was,

in order to avoid the suffering,

Stop wanting it so bad and obsessing on it

Keep the desire in my heart and

I need to Turn it Over to God

Let it Go

And if it comes back to me

It was meant to be

People can get jealous of you because of who you are,

because you may have qualities that they wish they had

Some people can’t stand you being happy

They want you to wallow in their misery

If they have a problem accepting who you are,

then it is ok to stay away from them.

Sometimes we take jealousy of others as rejection.

If it is rejection,

then we need to accept them and let them go and not

take it personally.   

This is the other side of the coin of rejection. 


a compulsive, chronic, physiological need for a habit-forming substance, behavior, or activity having harmful physical, psychological, or social effects and typically causing well-defined symptoms (such as anxiety, irritability, tremors, or nausea) upon withdrawal or abstinence:  the state of being addicted.

Addiction can just be a behavior, out of control, or

it can be rooted in a physical craving.

In the case of alcoholism, the medical community believes that

alcoholism can be triggered by a physical craving and

a mental obsession.

Therefore, abstinence is the only cure.

Once alcohol is ingested,

it triggers the physical craving and

the compulsion to over-indulge because

it bypasses the brain and

then overrides the will of the person.

Only divine intervention can break that cycle.

Wow, thoughts of greed, anger, delusion and

allowing them to turn into an obsession and

giving them power, will increase our suffering.   


Remember the AAA

Aware of what is causing the suffering 

Accept and own that the suffering is real 

Action – seek help and take action advice from experts and from

the most powerful healing energy of God


Fear and dependency

self-centered love

Expecting others to fill your love needs

Love without attachment

is the purest love

It isn’t about what others can give you

because you are empty,

It is about what you can give others

because you are already full

Always having to be right or have the last word

creates a lot of suffering

Be Kind

Be Open-minded

Be less rigid

Our thoughts and faulty belief systems

can cause a lot of suffering

Suffering because of harmful words that were said by others

and we believed them without checking if true or not

Acceptance is the key once again

Not accepting the reality of things or people in our lives

in the present, the past or the future

sets us up for more suffering

Acceptance is the key to avoiding suffering

Suffering is the resistance to what happens.

Stress happens when the mind resists what is

Problem is with your mind’s resistance to life as it happens


Attachment to our desires causes undo suffering

Attachments to certain outcomes causes suffering

Pain points out what is out of balance

Do an inventory, to see if the pain is from the mind, body, spirit or emotions?

Pain in our bodies point out that something is not working right

If we ignore the pain in our bodies

The pain will get worse.

We can take a pill and treat the symptoms

Or we can get to the root cause and fix it or treat it

Pain or imbalance in our spirit

Is usually an opportunity to learn a spiritual lesson

Pain or imbalance in our minds

Is usually an opportunity to work through a healing.

Seeking God’s divine wisdom sounds like a good thing to me

Seek experts to help us get to the bottom of the pain

Heal and Release the root cause of the pain

Suffering alone does not make us wise

Suffering needs to be added to

mourning – losses (physical, spiritual, emotional and mental)

understanding– the root causes and choosing healing

patience- seeking and waiting for awareness and correct timing

love- let go of blockages to love (jealousy, envy, fear, hate, unworthy)

openness– learning trust and seeking new solutions, insights

willingness to listen for answers

vulnerable to take chance to get hurt


loss of loved one

loss of time

Process of grieving losses

Only cure for grief is to feel the feelings and go through the grieving process, one day at time

Those we love and lose are always connected by heartstrings

into infinity

We never will be saints; however,

we can learn patience, long-suffering and self-mastery.

Show up for life

Keep asking God to show us his Will.

Acceptance is the key

Accept suffering

Accept and learn from it

Accept the healing it offers

Work through it

Achieve Atonement

What is Atonement?

Reconnect of our spirits to Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit

Because of Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross

Our mistakes and sins are forgiven

to clear the channel to God

Because of Christ Jesus dying on the cross,

we can ask Jesus for atonement,

which heals our hearts of pain.

It cleanses the mind from doubt and grief.

It fills the mind with relief and hope.

It feeds comfort to our souls.

It fills the soul with Joy

Gives freedom from bondages and captivity

Develops a close bond with Jesus

Fill your heart with the presence of God and you will have Joy

It breaks the bondages that hold us captive

Joy sets our spirits free

Joy is the Presence of God

Wow, the Holy Spirit took us down another path,

and we still did not get to the essence of the 12 steps.

Hope you received the messages and insights

specifically tailor made for you.

We will start again another day and see where it takes us.

Love you all,

Esther Mae. 1-15-2022

Published by Esther Mae

Happy, Joyous and Free. Enjoying life and retirement. Oct 5, 202, I completed the FEl Camino de Santiago de Frances, over 550 miles, beginning August 15, 2021 in St-Jean-Pied-De-Port, France and ending in Santiago and walked through the Holy Door. I am 70 year young. Read about some of my adventures. I have a close relationship with my Higher Power, whom I choose to call God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Spiritual growth and enlightenment are my priorities in life. Please jump on the spiritual soul train with me as I walk and try to practice a spiritual way of life. Esther Mae

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