Seeking the Light

Are you ready to go on this spiritual journey with me?  I ask you to please remember to keep an open heart, mind and spirit to receive enlightenment specifically designed for you. 


For now, Let’s head down this path and expect a spiritual awakening and hopefully we can start to see the Light, whatever that is. I am sure each of us will interpret the light in many various ways.  

Oh no, here we go again. We are walking down another path.  I wonder if the yellow arrows will show up along the way to guide us in the right direction; to keep us from getting lost?    

I have a feeling that some fellow pilgrims (who have written these quotes) will bring special messages for each of us along the way. Pay attention, you do not want to miss the message that is specifically designed for you.

This quote suggests that we may have some of the light and that sometimes our light can go out.

Apparently, others can spark a flame in our spirit. Wow that sounds so beautiful.

This brings tears of gratitude to my eyes. How special that is. I wonder if this is the love the first quote is talking about?

I do not know about you, but it seems that this quote has given me a glimpse of what love is? My light is already getting brighter. Is your light getting brighter?

Let’s keep an open mind, heart, soul and spirit. What’s next down this path?

Sometimes no one shows up to turn on the switch to the light because our spiritual lesson is to learn to flip on the switch ourself.

So if your light is getting dim and no one is showing up, get up and learn how to turn on the switch yourself.

The other quote suggested that our light can completely go out.

This quote disagrees. This quote suggests that nothing can extinguish our flame totally.

My spirit aligns more with this quote.

I guess it all depends on your definition of what light is?

If I believe that flame represents love, then yes, I can believe it can be totally extinguished by unforgiveness, sin, abandonment, abuse, hate, fear and anger.

Remember we learned that you cannot be in love when your heart is filled with hate, unforgiveness, sin, guilt, shame, abandonment, fear and/or anger.  

If someone is in your life and they continue to say mean and harmful words, temporarily, your flame of love can be extinguished.  Then someone comes along and walks besides you and encourages you and lights your flame of love again.

Start to be an encourager.


If the light represents hope, then I can see how it can be totally extinguished by despair and depression.  While in despair, we do not see any light of hope.  

Then again, someone comes along and lights the flame of hope so we can be led to and by the light once again.  Words of encouragement and hope can rekindle that flame for them.  

Start to be an encourager

If the light represents God, then I can see how the light can be totally extinguished by abuse or a rebellious and stubborn spirit. We falsely adopted the belief system that God abandoned us.

By turning our back on God’s light, God’s Spirit is now outside our heart, mind and spirit waiting for our invitation to return to the divine light.

Our prayers, love and words spoken can break those chains, thus giving that person the opportunity to return to the light.

Be a messenger of hope, love and light. Pray and take action to help others whose light is dimming or extinguished.

Be an encourager.

My camino encouragers.  I had to accept their help.

Thank you Ann and Nikki

 Don’t miss that opportunity when these people enter your path.  Be prepared.  

As the above quote says, when you help brighten their light, your light gets brighter.  

Also when your light starts dimming be prepared for an angel of light to show up to rekindle your light.  

Open your heart and spirit to receive their help and light and encouragement.

Grow in Love

Expand that Love

Practice Love

Strengthen Love

And finally, become Love and merge in the

Illimitable Love, which is God

This daisy reminds me of the little kid’s game of “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not”. I would take off each petal and say “He loves me” and then “He loves me not” until all the petals are gone.

I know God loves me and I know that God loves each and every one of you. We are all so special to Him. He knows our mistakes and He loves us in spite of our mistakes.

God is waiting with open arms to embrace every one of us with forgiveness, love and hope.

As I am looking at the reflection of the daisy in the water, I am reminded that each of us are a reflection of God’s Love to ourselves and others. This must be the light they are talking about.

There has to be a source of the light. I totally understand that God’s Love is also Divine Love, the source of Love and Light.

True Love casts out all fear.

Spiritual – language of love from your heart

Fill up your heart, full to the brim, with love from the source of all love from God which is Divine Love

How bright can our light shine?

The more we clean house (make amends, forgive, help others) the brighter our light shines.

Through prayer and meditation we fill our hearts with divine love

Wow, this reminds me of my walk in the dark on the Camino.

Many days I would get up real early before sunrise and head out on the camino trail all alone in the dark.

In the dark I noticed all the reflective light of the moon and stars on the leaves of the plants, which will forever be burned into my memory as a picture of hope.

I was never ever in complete darkness.

There was always enough reflective light to show me the way.

How true is that in life.

Then when I would get to a darker patch of trail, another pilgrim would always show up at the exact moment with a light and walk with me to show me the way.

They would slow down their pace to show me the way. A true act of love and selflessness.

We are one with God.

We are spiritual beings with a human experience.

Processing the wounding of the past, making amends, seeking forgiveness and letting go of the past to free up our spirits for God to use us to help and encourage others on their path.

Enjoy God’s gift of life, an opportunity to learn our spiritual lessons and develop our character, which is given out of love, to each and every one of us.

Just show up for life and be open and willing to learn the spiritual lessons unfolding on your path.

Wow, this brings us back to the AAA (Aware, Accept and Action) which they are calling “spiritual”. Who knew that we were practicing to be our “authentic self” (being real).

So according to this quote, we are to become aware of and accept the negative and the positive and then consciously “Do the next right thing”.

And guess what the next quote tells us that this is called, it is called integrity.

Do the next right thing when no one is looking.

Doing something for others and not expecting anything in return.

The true gift of giving is to give without expecting anything in return, including praise. I have observed that there are many different love languages.

Religion teaches us the moral compass to follow.

It is important to believe, however, it is necessary to practice what you believe.

Some, unfortunately, use religion to gain power and control.

I embrace my religious training and beliefs and have learned to practice being what I was taught. I am still a work in progress.

Over the years religious leaders got involved in politics and persecution of other faiths.

We as humans are not perfect.

The churches and faiths and people leading the churches are also fallible.

Formal religion teaches principles to live by; however, each member, is a work in progress.

Many are fake and hypocritical.

Many can quote you the rules and regulation and by their actions, do not follow the rules. Let’s face it, who really likes following rules?

I know see how important rules are.

Our human self-will needs discipline and self-control. Without law and order, chaos exists, and innocent people get injured and wounded. We all need boundaries and guidelines.

Imagine driving over a bridge with the guardrails

Practice being alive and practice being free in the spirit of God’s Love. Practice embracing each precious moment you are alive and breathing. Breath of Life is a gift from God. Enjoy.

Love you all, Esther Mae Dec 2, 2021

Published by Esther Mae

Happy, Joyous and Free. Enjoying life and retirement. Oct 5, 202, I completed the FEl Camino de Santiago de Frances, over 550 miles, beginning August 15, 2021 in St-Jean-Pied-De-Port, France and ending in Santiago and walked through the Holy Door. I am 70 year young. Read about some of my adventures. I have a close relationship with my Higher Power, whom I choose to call God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Spiritual growth and enlightenment are my priorities in life. Please jump on the spiritual soul train with me as I walk and try to practice a spiritual way of life. Esther Mae

3 thoughts on “Seeking the Light

  1. Esther you are amazing. I enjoy all your wonderful gifts you are sharing with us. And your next adventure??.
    Today, Dec 7th at 2:00 is my mothers memorial service. Esther she lived to 93 years. And I know you had good memories of my mom and dad. As, we took you to OCM for the first time. I praise GOD she is with JESUS and
    my dad he passed 51 years ago. And my brother Doug and Marlin and Don all wonderful saints that are sitting at the right hand of JESUS..and mom is healed and walking. She has been on a wheelchair for 6 years.No wheelchair
    in heaven. hope to see you soon? talk be in touch. God bless With love


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