Thanks you…Camino Angels

September 18, 2021- Lost in the big city without navigation and cell phone coverage and two of my loving and nurturing camino angels came along side me and helped me find my way. Tears of gratitude are streaming down my checks right now. Thank you..Ann and Nikki
Martina, Many times when I was without cell service and needed to find my way, you showed up. Thanks Camino Angel
Gloria seemed to show up when I was lost and helped me find my way to my hotel. Thanks Camino Angel
My Italian Camino Angel, Nicola Cecchinis, on the Pyrenees, he carried my backpack and encouraged me off the mountain. True example of the camino spirit of love and Good Samaritan. I do not have pictures of other Italian guy that lent me his hiking sticks.
September 13, 2021, Vega de Valcarce, at the bottom of the hill leading up to O Cebriro. I injured my previous broken ankle with the screws, plates and pins and it swelled up and it was very painful. I took a day off September 12, 2021 and rested. This next day, the camino brought one of my camino angels along the way and she told me she was riding horse further down the trail and she guided me to my camino horse, Bonnie, who took me up the mountain to 0’Cebriro. The owner gave me his horse and He walked up the mountain beside us. Tears of awe and gratitude again in my spirit..
The Camino does take care of all of us.

Do I really want to travel alone?   Insights given to me on the Camino?

  1. History of Traveling Alone throughout my life
  2. I traveled alone on the Camino, which I now realize, I did for most of my life
  3. In my childhood I grew up with 5 brothers and 3 sisters and I felt alone
    • I never seemed to be able to develop a close relationship with any of them
    • I know I had a part in that and I am still working on that
  4. A select few people came along side me to walk on my path for a season
    • High school
    • College
    • Marriages
    • Divorces
    • Employment
    • Spiritual Awakening, Recovery
    • Cancer Treatment
    • Retirement
    • Camino
  5. Awareness:  people showed up to encourage me, just like the camino
  6. Awareness:  people showed up to help me, just like the camino
  7. Awareness:  people showed up to listen to my woes
  8. Awareness:  people showed up to guide me back on my path, like the camino
  9. Awareness:  There was & always will be a few that think their path should be your path
  10. Awareness:  They all stayed for a while and then they ventured off on their own paths, just like the camino

If I view life as an adventure like the camino, I will practice appreciating those who show up in my path of life and experience and learn from the message or messages they may have for me. I am aware that many times I have a message for them also.

Messages can be delivered from a loving and nurturing angel or from a condescending and what I call a “mean angel”.  Given the choice, I prefer the loving and nurturing angel, however, many times, the mean angel is the “verbal kick in the ass” that I need to snap out of the blinders of rebellion and denial.  

I thought I traveled alone throughout my life.  That is lie and I need to crush that idea.  

After writing this short piece, I realize I was never alone.  I connected to those who entered my path in life.  Magic happened.  I was changed by the connections.  I choose to grow and learn from these special relationships.  Looking back in hindsight, I realize how, even in the most traumatic and chaotic periods, I grew the most.  The reason some of my relationships did not work out for the long term is because I chose to grow and they chose to regress and become bitter and resentful with my growth.  

I will not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it.  My past, my path & my choices gave me opportunities to grow and mature and develop my character and soul and allow my spirit to be set free.

I am grateful for all of you “earth angels” who entered my path in the past and on the camino.  I am now willing to open my heart and spirit to those who will be entering my way (camino), my path in days to come.

Love you all, Esther Mae 

Published by Esther Mae

Happy, Joyous and Free. Enjoying life and retirement. Oct 5, 202, I completed the FEl Camino de Santiago de Frances, over 550 miles, beginning August 15, 2021 in St-Jean-Pied-De-Port, France and ending in Santiago and walked through the Holy Door. I am 70 year young. Read about some of my adventures. I have a close relationship with my Higher Power, whom I choose to call God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Spiritual growth and enlightenment are my priorities in life. Please jump on the spiritual soul train with me as I walk and try to practice a spiritual way of life. Esther Mae

One thought on “Thanks you…Camino Angels

  1. Esther so happy for you.
    You have safely returned home. Thanks for the
    Travel log..prayers were with you and continue.

    Glad I was one of your
    Friends in High school
    We did have so much fun.
    Great fun memories. 👍

    Blessed our true circle of friends a circle that has not been broken 💯 🙏 with love and caring ❤ look forward to visit w you in Florida? God bless 🙌 🙏 ❤


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